Customized Learning Experiences for 5 to 13 year olds

Finding the right Hebrew School can be difficult for lots of reasons.  Kids are busier than ever today with sports teams, dance, art and music classes, homework and so much more.  It’s challenging to find a synagogue with a school schedule that works for you.  Parents are busy too.  Who can drive to and from Hebrew School on weekday afternoons?  Not many of us!  Simcha Services brings Hebrew School to you.  The choice is yours, in-home one-on-one tutoring or Skype classes, small group classes at your home or in a location that’s convenient for you.  You choose the day and the time, we make it happen.  We work with you to design a customized learning experience that matches your family’s learning goals and your child’s learning style.  We offer Hebrew language, Jewish history, holidays and customs, prayer leadership skills, Torah study and social justice learning.  You choose the content.  You make the schedule.  Simcha Services brings the learning to you.  

Family Learning

Family time is precious.  Why not use it to engage in Jewish learning together?  At Simcha Services we know there’s nothing more powerful than parents and children learning together.  Whether you want to learn Hebrew, explore local Jewish historical sites, experience the power of learning Torah together or engage in Social Justice activities, Simcha Services can deliver family learning to you.  You choose the day, time, location, content and frequency of sessions.  We create a learning plan and send a teacher to you.  Your Jewish Learning Your Way!

Adult Learning - Coming Soon

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